Monday, 4 March 2013

Canon S-90

This is an electronic typewriter from the era when computers and word processors were already going on quite strong. As it is fully electronic, it is really more like a printer with a keyboard. There's not that much to say, because I could not get the case open. There's some knack to opening it other than "pulling really hard". The screws came off easily enough so I don't think it has been intentionally prevented, it's just I don't get it. I'll see about it later.

The S-90 has a card-type connector to the left side which I suppose enables more typefaces. The right side has a 9-pin type connector. This means the typewriter could act as a printer to a home computer. I doubt the printer has any processor or memory as such, but a dedicated controller that manages the LCD display and keyboard input. Only one row of characters can be edited before they are printed.

I would be interested in the innards, as it might be possible to house a computer board inside the case of a typewriter and make use of a rather excellent keyboard. However, I would probably not want to ruin such a cool looking device as this one, but it's an idea I've been toying with. Occasionally, it's possible to come across really cheap typewriters such as this, but most I've seen in net auctions and such are a bit overpriced. I'd also avoid any mechanical and electromechanical typewriters, because rewiring their keyboards is probably a different game entirely.


  1. Hi, thanks for you post. I find this in my garage :)) and now i try sold it, like RETRO :)

    If somebody want by it please connect to me.

  2. replay to this comments, and i see you

  3. Hi I have same machine do you know what the port on left and right side is for?

    1. I guess you can connect it to an old computer and the typewriter works as a printer. I don't know what standard it follows. With the larger connector I suppose you can add more fonts.