Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Evolution I, Part II

Featuring the Suncom TAC-2, perhaps the best Atari-compatible joystick there was.

The exciting continuation of the Evolution I casing project!

I have added two plywood pieces to the case. It does not sound much but it took some time. The wide piece at the front is only really necessary for keeping the bottom rigid. I'd rather have the front open also to ensure better ventilation. Even if the evo does not get really hot it would be a good precaution. I'm leaving most of the backside open, which also simplifies the case a lot.

Don't do this at home.

It took more work to add a back panel piece which includes the RGB and a Joystick port. After all the time spent getting the wedge shape into correct angle, I managed to glue it in rather lazily... If I now did the whole thing again I'd pay more attention to building the outer frame of the case bottom and given it a bit more depth, too.

I added furniture feet to the bottom of the case. Rubber feet would have been much better, because the ones I used tend to slide somewhat. The height of the case is now 35 millimeter high at the front (counting from the table surface) and 52 at the back. The keyboard part of the case is still loose, but it has small wooden blocks that guide it better to position.

The keyboard cable is a bit redundant, but I'm not going to break up the keyboard yet.

I've been building this as I go along. This means there was bound to be some hiccups. If I get too many things wrong I'll just build another case, learning from the previous attempts. I'm not going to stress much with drawings and 3d modelling when doing these projects, I often lose interest if I do too much pre-planning.

To be continued. (maybe)

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