Monday, 15 December 2014

Lego car drawing

In this picture, I tried to recreate an early 1980s Lego Technic steering mechanism, bit like in the 854 Go-Kart. It's drawn and painted from "memory". It's not too hard to remember, because while drawing the blocks pretty much begin to suggest each other.

Some mistakes/thoughts:

-The cog would not fit where it is now, the steering mechanism box is too low.
-The back part of the car frame is not held together (though I did leave it vague deliberately).
-There's too few Lego knobs on the right side angular bar :)
-The steering wheel frame is probably a bit too front to make that angle possible (though it's hard to judge)
-The steering mechanism overall is unnecessarily wide (Compared to Lego model 854)

Above, one of the earlier sketches, just before starting the top image. (A few unrelated sketches have become overlayed here.)

Below is the second take. I took a different angle that would show the part relations more clearly. The perspective came out a bit wonky, but as an illustration it's a bit clearer. In places the mistakes could even be fixed, but I don't want to do too much overpainting. As an image, I feel the red one turned out better.

This version, I think owes even more to the old 854 Go-Kart.

Addendum: I made the car from available parts, also changing some things as I went along. The proportions of the steering mechanism are a bit off in the above image, although it is not very obvious. The steering wheel frame was far too tall, and the car was too long to be well-proportioned. (But this is more a matter of taste)


  1. Your memory is quite good!
    I took this snapshot from my old '79 instruction manual:

    My manual is for kit 856 (bulldozer), but first pages advertise other kits, although without codes/names. I was looking for the partnumber of the "steering bricks" when I found your site (looking for "steering lego car").
    The actual kit number for the car you depicted is 877:

    Thanks for your drawing!

  2. For the records, the partnumber I was looking for is 3680c01 ("Turntable 2 x 2 Plate")