Monday, 13 June 2016

Apple Museum Prague

Somewhere in the most touristic arteries of Prague, there's the Apple Museum. How could I resist?
They have "all" Apple computers on display (expect that other Lisa).

Is it interesting? In some ways it's nice to see all the products lined up on tables, giving an overview on how the stylings have developed. The original iPhone/iPod, for example, seems quite clunky and not that different to other stuff on the market at that time. Also for a retro-head like me it's sobering to see how few late 1970s and early 1980s models there really were compared to the later flood of products. There's a few NeXT boxes too though they are not Apple products. Goes to show how Steve Jobs-oriented the display really is.

And that's about it. There's not much else to see except the casings of the products, little attention is given to how they work and what could be done with them. Yes there are videos and texts but it gets a little boring very quickly: speeches praising Steve Jobs' genius are blaring out of the speakers constantly. Granted, effort has gone in making the environment stylish. If there had been a museum shop (promised in the future) there at least might have been some books or gadgets.

It does make me think, how and why this place exists. It's a tiny step towards historicising Apple and Steve Jobs and attempting to codify Apple's success as the evolutionary survival of the fittest of home computing. On the other hand it's just another tourist trap "museum" in a city of "museums." (Beer/Torture/Sex Machine/KGB/Communism whatever) I'd give it a miss unless you already have a zillion other reasons to go to the neighbourhood.

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