Monday, 18 July 2016

New 8-bit pictures

Here's some pictures I made with Multipaint and the PETSCII editor. I participated in the Vammala Party 22 graphics competition held at Ikaalinen, Finland in 16th of July, 2016.

#1. Star Kerk

The first one is an MSX picture. I worked with the wrong aspect ratio (because Multipaint) and here I have approximated how it might look on a real screen.

Apart from the obvious Star Trek connection the image was inspired by the bridge of USS Pisces from a game I played long time ago on MSX, Knight Tyme by David Jones. (Spectrum screenshot below).

#2. Imjärvi UFO Incident

This is a C64 multicolor image. It is loosely based on the artist impressions made of an alleged UFO encounter at Imjärvi, Finland in 1970. However, I focused more on the colors and atmosphere than trying to include all the "facts".

#5. Botbot

I finished a PETSCII image that has been lying around for a while. I think it turned out ok, but I could have worked on the background a bit more.

#11. Fompo Killer

Another C64 multicolor, but with much less effort. It turned out the compo did need no fillers really :) I think it's nice for something that was done so quickly.

The graphics competition results in full. (in Finnish)

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