Sunday, 18 December 2016

A few Commodore 64 images

Here's some Commodore 64 visuals I've been working on recently.


The two snake heads were laid out long time ago, but the detailing and background was done recently. The overall composition was in flux as I kept changing the position of the heads, adding the third blurred head relatively late in the process.

Never thought I'd say this but I feel c64 hires is easier than multicolor. Obviously, the resolution is higher, but importantly, the color choices are always local. With multicolor, you have to decide the overall background color at some point and that choice often has tricky consequences.

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Lawless of the West:

Another hires. This is an obvious tribute to the Commodore 64 game Law of the West, but it also derives a little from Edvard Munch's Evening on Karl Johan, though not very consciously. Other references: Italian westerns and a bit of McCabe & Mrs. Miller too. The grouping of characters also reminds me of the Italian comic Gli Aristocratici.

I have wanted to use a vanishing point perspective in a C64 pic for some time, and it is quite challenging to both have a sense of space and human characters in the same pic. Even here the people are sort of pasted on front of the background.

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Hokuto Force logo:

This is a PETSCII character art I made for the group Hokute Force for an Commodore 64 intro coded by Flavioweb. I went for a "metal band style" with some ninja-fic touches.

I'm quite happy how it turned out. Again, character art shows it's force: If this had been a multicolor bitmap, I might not have come up with the idea or been able to follow it through.

In hindsight as I look at the space between the F and the O, the gap should have been maybe a bit narrower... Oh, well.

The way the logo is presented in the intro is a bit different, the above is a compromise between the intended logo and how it works in the intro.

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