Above depicts my Commodore C64 setup and peripherals, with also some alternative gear listed.
  • 1541Ultimate II Card Reader cart/transfer unit w/Ethernet->USB adapter
  • SD2IEC Card Reader
  • Final Cartridge III
  • Action Replay VI
  • IRQHack 64 cartridge
  • Micromys PS/2 mouse adapter
  • C=key PS/2 keyboard adapter
  • Arduino keyboard adapter (DIY)
  • SwinSID Nano chip
  • Wi-fi Modem
  • Protovision joystick adapter
  • 9628 EPROM
On occasions, I also try to do something for the computer.

Digiloi, an action game using PETSCII graphics

Fort Django, an action game using sprites on top of PETSCII graphics

Leilei Relay an action game with sprites on a scrolling character display

My profile at the Commodore Scene Database:

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