Old Machinery list of Computers:

Below is a list of almost all the computer gear I have apart from some 2000s devices (Arduino, Mac, PC, Linux) and a few game consoles.

The links go to computer overview posts and some of the more significant blog posts that relate to the platform.
Apple Macintosh Classic – Donated to better hands!
Commodore 64
Mattel Aquarius (Radofin)
nedoPC ZX Evolution
Oric Atmos
Orel BK-08 (A Spectrum clone) 
Panasonic FS-A1WSX MSX2+
Panasonic JR200U
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 2B
Raspberry Pi 3B+
Salora Fellow (See Laser 200 below, it's the same thing)
Schneider EuroPC
Sinclair ZX81
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Rubber)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3
Sinclair QL 
Texas Instruments TI 99/4A
Texas Instruments Voyage 200  
Video Tech Laser 200


  1. Hi there, I have seem some of your pixel art and I would love to talk about using them. Do you have an email address?

    1. The address can be found at the bottom of the Multipaint page.