Sunday, 4 November 2012

Spectrum 128k+2 MINI summary

The above shows a modified Sinclair Spectrum+2, side to side with the original rubber keyed Spectrum 48k. I removed the integrated tape recorder. I have described the modding process with detail. Links to Part I and Part II. As an add-on, the picture shows the Divide 2k11 compact flash card reader, which removes the need for tape loading.

I bought my Divide 2k11 from Lotharek.

If you want to repair the tape recorder instead of removing it, here are some pointers.

RWAP software is worth mentioning. They sell keyboard membranes for the Sinclair series.

Schematics for building an RGB cable for the 128k +2. Fortunately this one is probably the simplest to build.

Alternatively, you can order one online from Retrocables. It can come off cheaper than building your own if you don't have the parts and equipment already.


  1. Glad to see it worked out pretty much as planned! Would it be possible to polish the plastic of the top cover?

  2. I'm trying to make a semi-rough matt surface. It is still unfinished. The photograph makes it look more uneven than it is.