Tuesday, 24 July 2018

More 8-bit pictures

Again, I'll have a look at some of my recent 8-bit pictures.

Queen, a multicolour Commodore 64 picture,for the Vammala Party scene compos. What started as an Alice in Wonderland-esque image, was finished quickly with fantasy chesspieces. Made with Multipaint.

Wolverine, a PETSCII work, also for Vammala Party. Fun to do and using the triangle chars for the costume was no-brainer, but maybe a more active pose would have been impressive. Made with Marq's PETSCII editor.

Remote, a, well, remote entry for Gubbdata 2018 graphics compo. Again, made with Multipaint. This turned out simple/nice and has a multicolour vibe to it even though it is a Commodore 64 hires.

Cartoon outlines are not that easy to do on hires and the approach falters at places, but I feel I managed to make it look like it's intentional.

The image started out from trying to recreate a C64 picture I saw in a dream (roll eyes here if you want to) but the end result became something very different. The robot is reminiscent of the robot in Short Circuit, which I watched recently.

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